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  1. This is a great and timely blog. I have some general comments. It appears that you are addressing two distinct levels of issues.

    (1) How to extract scientifically meaningful data from seemingly random measurements from nature.

    (2) The second level of concern is this. Once you have extracted scientifically valid and convincing data , how to avoid manipulation of these data by typically done by parties with ulterior motives such as a) politicians, b) marketing organizations and c) others who might benefit from it in different ways. Scientists doing research in pure science do not generally fall into these categories.

    A famous philosopher (possibly Bertrand Russel) expressed his disgust when he said that science is being prostituted for selfish goals by human beings. One clear example is application of science for producing the most horrific weapons such as nuclear bombs.

    In (1) there are various established techniques and mathematical models. One example is using proper sampling methods. For more deterministic scientific data, like signals coming from stars or signals from a TV cable, there are ways to increase signal to noise ratios and using mathematical models which use Auto Correlation functions.

    In the second area (2), where manipulation takes place due to selfish and ulterior motives of politicians or profit making goals of various organizations, science gets misused. Various clever ways are adopted for this purpose. Certain data are hidden and only certain data shown to propagandize for the purpose of their benefit using various media. This is very unfortunate.

    I have made only general comments about this blog which brings out both the aspects. Thanks for initiating this blog.

    Sunil Shabde

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"Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge" – Carl Sagan

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