Short Addendum to Rationale

I would just like the mention that, while I believe that everyone should be scientifically literate in a most basic sense and hopefully this will help with that, it is not just science.  Making decisions in life requires a knowledge of economics, political science, history, mathematics, etc., and, especially in regard to making political decisions, everyone should have an understanding of the theories and facts behind decisions they make.  I just happen to know more about science, so this blog is about the science aspect of that.


3 thoughts on “Short Addendum to Rationale”

  1. The addendum raises a question. Should there be a required course or “competency” requirement in high school and college on the analysis of information (broadly)?

  2. I don’t know if there should be a competency requirement, because it would be hard to accurately test that and would get too close to a standardized test. But, these skills definitely should be taught, and not just in individual science classes, because it is a broader skill. Maybe a mini lecture series or a separate class? Even college wouldn’t be too late to teach these skills, but people should know it before making decisions about important things.

    1. I think it should be in both the high school and college course requirements. Not everyone goes to college and those who don’t are often high contributing members of society who vote and make decision that require analytical thought.

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